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Kindle Vella Links for Amanda/Mandi Richards

I write Fantasy Romance Under Mandi Richards, Contemporary RomComs under Amanda Richards, and SciFi Romance under Manda Richards. Welcome to my Kindle Vella Links Page. 

To View my main website with links to my Kindle/paperback books click here

Amanda Richards: Contemporary Romcoms.

A nerdy, neurodivergent, Grumpy x sunshine, spicy, single parent rom-com.

(Book 1 in the Brewers)

A Sapphic, Grumpy x Sunshine, Workplace Spicy Christmas Novella.

(Stand Alone)

A nerdy, age gap, city girl country boy, demisexual, spicy, single parent, romcom

(book 2 in the Brewers)

Manda Richards: Sci-Fi Romance

F/F Alien Romance (companion to That Time I Accidentally Kidnapped an Alien but can be read as a stand alone.

That Time I Accidentally Kidnapped an Alien (coming soon)

M/F Alien Romance. Companion to That Time an Alien Kidnapped Me, but can be read as Standalone.

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