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Amanda Richards

Nerdy Comedic Romance with Spice

Amanda Richards is my comedic romance penname.

I am currently working on a single-parent romance series, but I also have plans for several stand-alone spin offs, and a next generation college series

You can expect all of my contemporary romances to feature nerd culture in some way. I believe that love is love and I write m/f, f/f, m/f and nb pairings for both main characters and side characters even within the same series. And at least one, if not both, of my main characters will most likely be dealing with some sort of neurodrivergence or mental health issue in every book. I hesitate to call my books "Rom Coms" because they do often deal with heavy topics, but in a light hearted way with lots of laughs. 

Alex and Dani Hack Dating Square.png

Alex and Dani Hack Dating: A nerdy, single parent, neurodivergant, grumpy sunshine comedic romance

Dani is a single mom. Her life is chaos. Alex is a single dad. His life needs to be orderly. When Dani's neurodivergent son and Alex's daughter become best-friends, they can't avoid each other. As attraction simmers between them, they don't want to. But will their opposite lifestyles be compatible? This story is suitable for an audience aged 18+ 

Book 1 in the Brewer Family Series

Currently Complete on Kindle Vella.

New Episodes every Monday. 

NerdQuest Square.png

NerdQuest Bookworm Edition: A book lover reality show, Jewish, Friends to Lovers Comedic Romance

Lanie is a chaotic, pansexual, cosplaying, Jewish book nerd. Izzie is her quieter, more conservative Jewish-Latina childhood best friend. When they get chosen as contestants on a bookish reality show, will it test their friendship, or develop it into something more?

A Stand-Alone Spin Off Story

Coming Soon to Kindle Vella, Follow on Social Media for updates

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What is Kindle Vella anyway?

Kindle Vella is Amazon's version of a platform for episodic story telling (similar to the radish app, or wattpad)

Author's post stories one "episode" at a time (like short chapters) for readers to enjoy. To give you a chance to get a feel for an author's style, and a story's premise, the first three episodes of any story are free to read. After that, you use "tokens" to unlock new episodes. Episodes can cost between 6 and 30 tokens. It's based on length and most episodes seem to be about 10-15 tokens. To get you started, all new users get 200 tokens, and tokens are pretty inexpensive after that. Check it out for free and see what you think!

Ashley and Jake Game .png

Ashley and Jake Game Dating: A gamer girl, single parent, demi-sexual, age gap comedic romance

Ashley is twenty-two years old and has never had a boyfriend. She is starting to question why. Jake is an older single dad who is not looking for a relationship. But when life keeps throwing them into each other's path, will Ashley open up to a man for the first time? Will Jake's daughter be able to accept a step-mom who's closer to her age than her dad's?  This story is for an 18+ audience.

Book 2 in the Brewer Family Series

Currently Available only on Kindle Vella. New Episodes Daily in March, and then Mon, Wed, Fri after that. 

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Future Books for my Amanda Richards Penname

Currently outlined and ready to write are the remaining three books for the Brewer siblings,

  • Adam's story will be an enemies to lovers story with the parent of a student

  • Andrew's story will be a second-chance romance with his ex-wife

  • Annie's story will be a sibling's best-friend to lovers story with Ashley's best friend, Sam.

Other planned books:

  • A 4-5 book queer, New Adult beach romance/ college romance series that spins off from the Brewer books with a next generation character.

  • More stand-alone spin-offs

Follow me on Social Media for Updates

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Check out my other Penname: 
Mandi Richards writes Spicy Fantasy Romance

Do you like fantasy romance books like A Court of Thornes and Roses? How about historical romance books like Bridgerton? Do you love fairytale retellings? Check out my other penname where I write fantasy romance books that feature detailed high fantasy worlds reminsicent but the tone and tropes of your favorite historical romances. And yes, these are also 18+ stories with some heat. 

There are currently two books published in the Princesses of Selmy Island series with plans for three more trilogies and some stand alones!

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