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What am I working on right now? December 2019-January 2020

Just like yesterday's what am I reading post. I realize, December has gotten away from me, but it's because I've been busy and I have completely changed my writing plans over the past month.

Somewhere in the month, it occurred to me that 3 of the series I have started actually can connect in one world. Two very obviously, and one with a looser tie in. I'm very excited about this and it caused me to spend most of the month of December world building and figuring out the connection and important details I will need to keep everything consistent.

Here is a rough sketch of the world I've developed

The top right continent is where two of my stories will be taking place. And this is where all my focus is for the moment.

So without further ado, what does this mean?

I am shelving this year's NaNoWriMo story and returning to last year's because chronologically (and storywise) it makes sense. So here's what I am working on:

The Three Princesses of Selmy Island

High fantasy novella. This is a Fairy Tale reimagining of "THE DEATH OF KOSHCHEI THE DEATHLESS" an obscure Russian Fairytale.

Ok building the Toraelium Kingdom for my rebellion trilogy, I developed a set of Royal siblings who founded the kingdom, a prince and his 3 sisters... I loved them so much that I wanted to write their story. I wanted to base it on a fairy tale because I love fairy tale reimaginings. I had planned to combine several princess stories together for each of the princesses... But I'm researching fairy tales to meet my needs, I happened to discover this obscure Russian tale about 3 princess and a prince and the princesses all marry birds (the kingdom of Toraelium follows a religion that worships birds!) What were the odds? So of course I had to use this fairy tale. If you'd like to read the original fairy tale you can read it in The Red Fairy Book found here on Project Gutenberg

Progress: outlined

Status: hoping to write and publish the whole thing by the end of February. Become a subscriber to receive a free copy the day it releases!

The Toraelium Rebellion Trilogy: Epic Fantasy Rebellion/Romance trillogy. Romance! Political Intrigue! Rebellion! In a world full of Gifts, a coal miner and his companions make a discovery that throws everything they know about Magical Gifts on it's head. No longer will the Upper class be able to suppress the impoverished in their Kingdom. Ivy, A young serving girl, and her companions work to overthrow the ruling class, but will Ivy continue to help her knew friends when she falls for a Noble Man, and what will happen in the ensuing chaos of a world turned on it's head? Progress: Book 1- Coal Ivy Coming Summer 2020! Book 2- Outlined Book 3- Conceptualized and (Rough) outlined Status: This is currently my favorite project I'm working on. I tabled it in November, but with NaNoWriMo behind me, I've returned to it and plan to finish the first draft ASAP. The Goal is that it will be released this summer! Yay! Unnamed SteamPunk Story YA Steampunk Stand Alone or start to a series...

This series has undergone the most change over the last month. This was my NaNoWriMo story from this year. Originally it was going to take place as an alternate history... But I kept seeing these cool connections between my other story, and I've decided it will actually be the series that comes after the Toraelium Rebellion.

Think: Wild West meets Steam Punk meets Hunger Games meets Set in a fictional world that resembles Klondike if it had been separated from the rest of the world right before the Gold Rush ended. How has this society changed over time? Lilian, The daughter of a prostitute enters a competition to become a performer and discovers a nefarious government plot to keep their Island separated from the rest of the kingdom Progress:Currently Drafting Status: tabled until Toraelium Rebellion series is completed Azrian Conquest: Epic Fantasy Trilogy On the other side of the world from Toraelium, Magic is still a part of society and the borders between the Get realm and human realm are much thinner. As Azria invades the Kingdom of Korwell, a group of young heroes learns it is about more than just kingdoms fighting for control of land. It is about the crossing of the Natural world and the Fey world, and the heroes are the only ones who can stop the dark Fey from destroying the world as they know it. Progress: Book 1- First Draft and Some editing complete Book 2- Outlined Book 3- Conceptualized and rough outlined. Status: This was the very first book I started to write. In the editing process I realized it has many flaws that need to be worked out to make it remotely publishable. It is currently on the back burner until my new works are finished and then it will be reimagined.

Sparrow Bank Academy: YA Sci/Fi Super Hero Series Sparrow Bank Academy is a high school for super heroes. There is a plan for at least a trilogy of books here, possibly more. Progress: Book 1- First Draft and some editing complete Books 2 and 3 Conceptualized with (very) rough outlines. Status: This series is on a current hiatus for now.

That's all for now. Don't forget to sign up as a member for updates, exclusive looks at my writing, and a free copy of The Three Princesses of Selmy Island when it drops!!

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