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What am I reading? December 2019-January 2020

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

So I guess it's almost January already? Where did the time go. Somehow I forgot to make this post in the beginning of December, so I am going to do a combined post because I highly doubt my reading list will change much by next week. So here goes. What am I reading?

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass.

The other day, my very bestest friend, the one who introduced me to the fantasy genre in high school, the one I've known forever and even though we don't see each other or even talk to each other that much will always be there, sent me a text. "Have you read anything by Sarah J. Maas?" And I wrote back to her that I've read the whole Throne of Glass Series, but that is it. And she tells me. She finished the Court of Thorns and Roses series, and now she's half way through the Throne of Glass series, and she is really loving them. Then she says "her writing reminds me of yours," and I'm amazed at the amazing compliment, because Maas is a very good author and she is very successful and well loved in the genre I write in. And my bestie, is a prolific fantasy reader. I'm not kidding she litterally reads everything. (Actually I'm kind of surprised I was reading Maas before her because she is always the one telling me about books I should read before I've read them.)

So anyway, long story short, a package shows up on my stoop a few days later, with some Christmas presents for my boys, and the first three Court of Thorns and Roses books. I can not believe I haven't read these books yet. Honestly had I known they were a Beauty and the Beast revamp, I probably would have read them way sooner. I am a totally huge beauty and the beast fan. Like, I kid you not, I brought my Beauty and the Beast bed sheets to college with me, and I had Belle on top of my Chrismas tree (as an adult).

I've only read the first two chapters so far, but I am so excited! I love the world already (Maas is an awesome world builder) and Fayre is a very likeable character and I'm excited to find out more.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. Rowling:

So I have been a Potter Head forever now. I went to midnight releases of all the books from the 4th one on. I dressed as Hermione for Halloween. I had Harry Potter bed sheets when I was way too old to have Harry Potter bed sheets. (What is this weird thing with me and bed sheets?) So now, I am introducing my 7 Year old son to the Wonderful World that is Harry Potter. For his birthday a few years ago my same Bestest Favorite Friend (who also went to those midnight release parties with me, by the way) got the first two Illustrated Harry Potter books for my son, and we hadn't really read them yet because he just didn't have the attention span for it. (He's a super smart super awesome kid... but he has literally know attention span.) So, now that he's a bit older, and he is starting to get into the Fantasy Genre (Dragon Slayer's Academy and Dragon Masters are two awesome book series to introduce kids to the genre, by the way) I decided it was time. We had just finished reading some other shorter chapter books, and he as seen (and loved!) the first movie, and hung out with his cousins who just came back from the Wizarding World theme park with a very high enthusiasm. So I wanted to capitalize on his current interest while we could.

It has been super fun rereading the series with him. Reading books with my mom was such a cherished part of my childhood and I'm so glad to do the same with my boys. I like to (attempt) to do fun accents for the characters. And my super inquisitive son is fascinated to learn about all the different British Slang words. If you've never read them, you should (kid or adult). If you love them already, they're always great for a reread. They are a nice blend of super detailed world building but not too dense to be boring for kids.


And yes, my husband and I are still (slowly) making our way through the audiobooks of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn (I think we started in like August) They are such a great trilogy. The political intrigue has really informed my own writing, and I can't wait to finish them so we can listen to the Alloy trilogy which follows them (which I haven't read yet).

So that's my December/January reading list. I've also been super into podcasts about writing. Writing Excuses will probably always be my all time favorite. But some knew ones I am currently listening to are Indie Author Lifestyle and Write Minded. I also love Second Hand News (not writing related, but so good for a weekly recap of all the crazy going on in the world.) I am hoping with Christmas Break this week I will have a chance to really catch up on all my podcasts and reading (and writing of course! Stay tuned for my post about What am I Writing right now.)

And don't forget to


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