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Kindle Vella Romances

For those who don't know, I've been struggling a bit with my writing. I hit a major stall with Raven's Touch and have had trouble working through the problems the draft had, so I stopped writing for a bit. I made the random decision to take my 2021 Nanowrimo story, a spicy single parent romcom and start posting it as episodes on Kindle Vella, and it essentially revitalized my entire motivation to write at all!

What is Kindle Vella? It's Amazon's answer to serialized fiction, like the Raddish app, or Dreame, or even Wattpad. Amazon gives you 200 free tokens to try out the platform, and if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you get 200 free every month (make sure you have the kindle app on your phone or a tablet with notifications turned on. That's the only way I ever know my tokens came in). Plus every story on Vella, you can read the first 3 episodes for free to see if you like the author's style before you commit to spending tokens to unlock new episodes. (Most epsisodes of my stories are between 8 and 15 tokens.

Alex and Dani Hack Dating is a nerdy, neurodivergent, spicy single-parent romcom that shows life can still be sexy in your thirties after having kids.

Alex is a widower dad. He recently moved in with his brother to save money and he and his daughter are new in the town of Greenswald. He owns a bakery in the nearby "city" of Ashburg and it's draining him. He is extremely lucky to have a supportive family that helps him.

Dani is a divorced mom struggling to raise her ADHD son without much support from her ex. She is a special education teacher, which can be an exhausting job. She is a nerdy crafter and attempting to be productive with her hobbies. She has no family around, and she can never seem to

get her chaotic mess of her life in order.

When the two of them are forced to bowl together at their kids' school event, there is instant chemistry, but Dani has no interest in dating another workaholic like her ex, and Alex can't imagine being with someone so chaotic and unorganized

. When their kids become best friends, they can't continue to avoid each other or the sparks between them.

This story is complete on Kindle Vella and will be available in paperback and regular ebook in May.

The sequel story, about Alex's little sister Ashley is also available on Vella. It's only a few epsiodes in, but new epsiodes are being posted every month. I'll make a separate blog post with more info.

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