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I won a contest!

I entered a flash fiction contest in one of my Facebook writing groups based on this picture, and I won. Here is a story. This is a brief snippet from the perspective of one of the love interests from The Three Princesses of Selmy Island.

Hope you enjoy!


He couldn't believe his good luck. He had just met the woman of his dreams! He had only gone to the ball to see if the new king of Selmy was a weak fool, as the rumors implied. His court wanted them to be the ones to take over the little kingdom. He wasn't sure why. His kingdom was thriving. Being one of the last demi-fae warriors on the continent had its advantages. No one dared mess with them. And he had had many years to learn to be a good King. The only thing missing was a queen. And with the gates to the fae realm closed permanently, the human choices he had been presented with hadn't seemed like choices at all. They all seemed so weak. They practically trembled when they met him. He didn't want that. He imagined a strong, intelligent woman, who could keep up with him, both mentally and physically. He had most certainly not imagined he would find her as a princess in Selmy Island. But he had. He noticed the middle princess the moment she entered the ballroom. She stuck by her brother's side most of the night and with his fae hearing, he could tell she was advising him. Helping him appear more confident than the rumors suggested. And she was doing a damn good job. Had he not noticed her, he would have thought him a respectable king. So she was smart. He continued to watch her through out the night. She was not a skilled dancer. She had trouble following her partners. But he asked her to dance, none the less. And that's when he realized it. She was strong, too. No wonder her dancing was awkward. She wanted to lead him. So he let her. When she wasn't fighting against him she was actually graceful. He could feel power in her muscles. She would definitely keep up with him. So he set his mind to it. She would be his wife. They walked in the palace's gardens. She seemed starved for his attention. He couldn't understand why she would be so surprised by his compliments and attention. She was wonderful. And when he had shown her his wings, she wasn't afraid. She asked him to take her flying. So he did. Until he heard the distant rumbling of thunder. They made it back to the palace grounds just as the first drops began to fall. They hid out in a greenhouse and spent the evening talking. She fell asleep on him. It was perfectly innocent, but her uncle hadn't thought so when he'd found them. Knowing the human customs, he asked for her hand right there on the spot. He had been planning it anyway. She was to travel home with him tomorrow. And he was the happiest man alive. When the rest of the kingdom was asleep, he took to the skies, soaring and whooping with joy. He couldn't wait to have his queen by his side.


Hope you like it. It's a bit of a breif look into my world. Don't forget to sign up on my member page to get your free copy of the Three Princesses of Selmy Island next month!

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