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I made a map!

With Falcon's Kiss set to come out in less than 3 weeks now, I figured I better get my map together. This was my first attempt at creating a fantasy map using a digital program. I must say, I think I did a pretty decent job.

This is a map of the four kingdoms on the Torraellium continent.

The Princesses of Selmy Island trilogy focuses on three royal sisters from the kingdom of Selmy Island. Their brother Ivan is forced to take the throne before he is ready, and with potential enemies all around, he and his council decide the best course of action is to find powerful allies in neighboring kingdoms by marrying off the three princesses.

Book 1: Falcon's Kiss (Pre-order it now on Amazon) focuses on the eldest sister Marya who thinks she would make a better ruler than her brother. Her Kingdom, however, is not ready for a female ruler and she agrees to marry the dashing Demi-Fae Prince Ferrand from the Kingdom of Southshore because he promises her a lifetime of adventure on his sailing ship. He also agrees to treat her as his equal when his father passes him the crown... if only she can live that long with her puny human lifespan.

Selmy Island has a moderate climate leading towards colder temperatures, and is known for it's prosperous copper mines. The arts and education are both highly valued in Selmy. The former king commanded a strong fleet of ships for both trade and as naval protection, and the kingdom has been prosperous and at peace for a long time.

Southshore boasts a much warmer climate, and is known for it's tropical fruits and unique pale wood trees. The King of Southshore has been the ruler for a long time due to his long Fae lifespan. The king before him was a Wind Fae who married a human princess and became the ruler of her kingdom.

Book 2: Eagle's Embrace will focus on the middle sister from Selmy Ogla, and the Fae King Nasir from Wendyl.

Book 3: Raven's Touch will focus on the youngest sister, Anna, and a Demi Fae prince, Gavril, from Ermaine. Stay tuned and sign up for my newseletter for more information!

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