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Day 4 again... NaNoWriMo update 

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

So, I fell off the wagon. Wednesday night. I had such a bad headache, and a crazy day at work, and I just couldn't get my head around writing. I probably should have pushed through and gotten a few words written... But I didn't. So, I just didn't.

Usually for me, that is the first step to falling off the bandwagon and giving up. Luckily for me, Thursday I had a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day. (how is that lucky you may ask?) One of the odd facts most people don't know about teaching is that you can not just take off an hour or two to go to an appointment. You must use your sick or personal time in full day or half day increments. And with an appointment right in the middle of the day, there's really no choice but to use a whole sick day for an hour long appointment 🤷.

The benefit to that is, my kids still went to daycare and school as usual, and I had a rare few extra hours, by myself, to write. I not only got caught up from missing a day, but got ahead. Yay. So I got back into my grove and Im on a 4 day writing streak. I'm just past 15,000 words and after some detours of researching edible plants in the Yukon and watching how to videos for different ballroom dances, I'm almost finished with chapter 4.

As always, for those who want to follow along and read each chapter as it comes, join my members' page!

Happy writing!

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