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Beautiful by Leigh Hatchman

So for those of you who don't know, I am starting a fairytale book club. September will be featuring Beauty and the Beast retellings. (More info in a later post.)

For now though, I wanted to share info about one of the books that is on our September list. Beautiful by Leigh Hatchman is a modern day beauty and the beast retelling. It is our adult read for September. I was lucky to receive and ARC copy and I wanted to finish it before my post today, but I am only about halfway through. (Anyone else having huge problems focusing these days?!)

Anyway. I am loving this book so far. The female MC, Bella is the daughter of a wealthy abusive business man who uses her to woo his clients.

I can't wait to finish reading. I will post a full review in September for the book club.

If you are interested in joining the Fairytale Bookclub you can find out more information by subscribing to my mailing list, joining the Facebook group or following the Instagram page.

And if you have any favorite Beauty and the Beast retellings, share them for our list of alternate books for speed readers or those who may have read some of the books we chose already.

I am participating in the Beautiful Blog Tour hosted by Lola's Blog Tours

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