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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

So, it's been a hot minute since I've used my blog. I am going to try something new, and create blog posts that collect links to all the new releases and giveaways I talk about in my newsletter in one place. I've noticed a lot of my emails are going to people's spam before they ever have a chance to read them, so I'm going to share images and info about new releases with one single link to the blog post that you can find them in.

First up, Nikki Mitchell, who is one of my favorite middle grade fantasy authors, has a new book in her Literary Adventures of Eleanor Mason series. These books are historical portal fantasy about a girl with a magic book that takes her on amazing adventures. My nine year old son adores these books! They are just so fun with loveable characters, the same warm feelings of your favorite fairytales, and packed with adventure. You can find her latest book Cave of Stories here and how cool is this, if your kiddos love her books, you can buy them a coloring book based on the series!

A Throne From the Ashes is not technically out yet. It comes out in later this month. But this is my most anticipated new realease this month. C.C. Penaranda has created an amazing magical world to rival Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L Armantrout. This fantasy series has a swoony romance sub plot, and I heard that this book gets steamier than the last two. You can pre-order here or catch up on the beginning of the series here. Plus the entire series is on Kindle Unlimited. If you're not already a member, your first month is free! You could read this entire series for free (plus all the other amazing books kindle unlimited has to offer.)

This one isn't really a new release, but the cover has just been revealed for Vows and Villany by Darby Cupid. This is the second book in her Hands of Fate series. Book 1, Cupids and Chaos was one of my top reads of 2021. This book has everything, Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance vibes, stellar world building, an emotinal roller coaster, loveable characters. I can not wait until this book releases! This series, and Darby's YA Sci-fi romance series are also on kindle unlimited!

Last but not least, I have not had a chance to read this book yet, because it just came out, but I am absolutely in love with this cover and premise for a book! A Court of Crows by Eliza Eveland is the start of a fantasy romance series with four separate spicy romances (my favorite). There's LGBTQ rep throughout the series. There's courtly intrigue, assassination plots, plenty of heart-pounding action sequences, and strong heroines who do their own rescuing. This just looks and sounds amazing! And the second book is already up for pre-order so there won't be a lot of wait!

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