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What am I reading? October 2019

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I don't know if I'll remember every month, but I thought I would share some of the books I've recently read, or am currently reading.

Mistborn: Adult. High Fantasy. I have read this series by Brandon Sanderson before, but it was many years ago, and I accidentally spoiled it for my husband who had been planning to read it. So, now years later, when he doesn't remember what I spoiled, we've decided to give it another go. We are listening together to the audio book. I never thought I would love Audio books as much as I do, but I got into them when I used to have an hour commute every day, and it provides a completely different enjoyment experience than reading. I actually love that it forces me to slow down and enjoy as I am often a speed reader. Anyway, this is an awesome series. If you like high fantasy, complex well thought out worlds and magic systems, and fast paced fun stories, this is for you. It's set up sort of the format of a heist novel, with a team of experts each with their different specializations, but in a really unique fantasy world.

Operation Frog Effect: Juvenile (middle grade). Realistic Fiction. This is one of the best new children's books I've read. I can not recommend it enough. It is told through multiple perspectives of students in a classroom dealing with challenging issues, that are completely relavent today. If you read this with your class, I think every student in your class would be able to find at least one character to relate to. The characters are interesting, engaging, and relevant. The situation the kids get themselves into has them problem solving and working together with kids they wouldn't normally and it's really interesting, and as a teacher, totally believable. Even my husband enjoyed this book when I raved about it, and he does not read as many Juvenile books as me. Bonus: If you get the Audio Book, each character's POV is read by a different voice actor and it is excellently done.

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