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Mandi Richards

Spicy High Fantasy Romance and Romantic Fantasy

Mandi Richards is my fantasy romance penname.

I am currently working on a royal fae romance trilogy and I have plans for several connected trilogies and stand-alones in the same world.

You can expect all of my fantasy romances to feature magical high fantasy worlds and the tone and tropes pupluar in historical romance. I believe that love is love and while currently all romances in this series feature m/f main character romances, there are queer side characters and you can expect f/f, m/m, and nb romances in the future. Many of the books under this penname will be fairytale retellings, but not all. Most of these stories are relatively light-hearted but darker themes will be more present in some of them. Even if the overarching fantasy plot continues across books, you can expect a happliy ever after for the main couple's romance in every book.

Princesses of Selmy Island

Fantasy Romance Trilogy

This trilogy features a stand alone romance for a different set of characters in each book. There is an overarching world plot that spans all three books, so they are best read in order, but I've been told you can understand each book without reading the prior books.

This series is perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas's books or Histroical Romances. They focus on a royal family and feature marriages of convenience for the three daughters to secure political alliances in the face of a fae war. These books are spicy with open door love scenes. I would rank them a medium heat level, descriptive, but relatively tame.

Click here to learn more about the series and the individual books

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Stand Alone Fantasy Romance

Belleflower is a spicy, fake-courtship, Rapunzel retelling. This book was being serialized with two new chapters released each month to my newsletter. It is temporarily on hold, but the entire thing will be published as a stand-alone soon, and newsletter subscribers will get it for free. Belleflower takes place in the same world as the Princesses of Selmy Island books, on a different continent. It can be read completely seperately with no knowledge of any other books in the world. Those who have read the other books will recognize Easter eggs from them, but will not be lost at all. Like the Princesses of Selmy Island, this book is a spicy book with open door love scenes at a medium heat level.

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Coming Soon from Mandi Richards

Elemental Heirs

Fantasy Romance Trilogy

Princesses of Selmy Island books, but still has a heavy romance plot in each book. These books tale place adjacent to the Selmy Island books, and there is some character overlap. They can be read without the Selmy Island books, but there are some characters introduced in Selmy Island who appear in this trilogy. Like the Selmy Island trilogy, there is open door love, at a medium heat level.

More information coming soon

Chronicles of Ozarth

Fairytale Romance Trilogy

This series features vampires and werewolves. It takes place a century after the Princesses of Selmy Island and Elemental Heirs books on a new continent. Ozarth is a kingdom with a dark secret. Separated from the rest of the world by a magical barrier, no one outside the kingdom knows that a powerful affliction has cause many to turn into blood drinking monsters and given others the power to turn into wolves. Each book features a different stand alone romance following twisted retellings of your favorite fairytales. This series is darker and grittier and the spicy love scenes are a higher heat level than Mandi's other books.

Unnamed Trilogy

Romantic Fantasy

This trilogy was inspired by Les Miserable, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad... but if Walter White was a coal minor in a fantasy world and selling drugs that could give you magic powers to the revolousionaries via his daughter, a maid in an aristocratic household. It takes place in the same kingdom from the Princesses of Selmy Island trilogy, centuries later and is connected to the chronicles of Ozarth but can be read separately. This series is spicy and does feature open door love scenes, but has a much bigger focus on the fantasy plot with the romances taking a sub-plot roll and not necessarily the happily ever afters you can expect from the rest of Mandi's books. More information coming soon

Check out my Amanda Richards Comedic Temporary Romance Penname

Do you like spicy contemprary romances that tackle different mental health issues, deal with neurodivergences, and make you laugh similar to The Kiss Quotient or Chloe Liese's Bergman books? Under my contemporary romance penname, I am currently writing a five book comedic, nerdy, small-town, single parent romance series, with several planned spin-offs.

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