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Princesses of Selmy Island Trilogy

When the King and Queen of Selmy Island die, their son Ivan becomes the reluctant new king. Because of a deathbed promise to his mother, he is tasked to find husbands for his three sisters, who are less than interested in marrying. His mother made him promise to kind good men for them, his council of advisors wants him to make the best political matches, and his sisters are less than enthusiatic about the entire situation.

The Princesses of Selmy Island Trilogy follows three human princesses with extraordinary Gifts from the Gods as they are thrust into marriages with the Fae and Demi-Fae royalty of nearby kingdoms. Little do they know that there is a war brewing between ancient foes that could destroy all four kingdoms if they do not work together against powerful forces thought long gone from the realm.

Eagle's Embrace

Coming this Winter

Raven's Touch

Coming this Spring

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