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Eagle's Embrace

Book 2 of the Princesses of Selmy Island Trilogy
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A Human Princess with a Wish to Remain Invisible

Princess Olga Sova spent most of her life as the invisible sister, which suited her just fine. Unfortunately, her older brother, Ivan, is mucking up the kingdom now that he is king, and her older sister has gone off to marry her true love. With the balance of their family thrown off, Olga needs to help her Ivan find his place as king. She thinks the best way to do this is to find him a queen. Unfortunately, when she puts the idea in his head to throw a ball to find a suitable bride, he gets it in his own head that it would be the perfect setting to find her a husband. She always knew she would marry for politics, but with her two left feet, a ball is the last place she will catch a husband.

A Fae King Separated from His Beloved Homeland

The novelty of ruling a human kingdom has worn off for King Nasir after more than a century. All he wants now is to return to the fae realm where he belongs. For the first time since the Gates were sealed, leaving him trapped in the human realm, it is looking like this is a real possibility. The only problem is, to make it happen, he needs to play nice with the humans so they can win the coming war. He even agrees to attend a human ball and convince a princess to marry one of his men.

At the Sova's royal ball, Olga and Nasir find themselves caught in a compromising position. Now King Nasir must marry Princess Olga or her brother will pull his support from the war efforts. And to make matters worse, his chief advisor thinks a human queen in his kingdom will also win his support with his own people.

Will they be able to set aside their difference to make a union work for the good of both of their kingdoms?


Princess Olga Sova

Olga is the third oldest Sova sibling, after Marya and Ivan. She tends to be the quietest of the siblings, often staying uninvolved in sibling drama, or quietly helping her siblings work through their disputes. Like her sisters, she has one of the coveted gods' gifts. She is Blessed by Bessmerttny the Eagle King and Creator with the Gift of super-human strength--a pointless Gift for a princess. Olga would have much preferred the Peacock's Gift to enhance her paintings. As the middle child, Olga often has difficulty seeing her own worth, and can be very negative about herself.


King Nasir

Nasir is the King of Wendyl. He is a full blooded fae, trapped in the human realm after the Gates to the fae realm were sealed during the last fae war. He is known for being a warrior, having conquered the lands that became his kingdom after the war. In the century since the last fae war, he has become uninvolved in the running of his kingdom, letting his komidos, the rulers of each region of the kingdom, run their own regions as they see fit. Little does he know that his kingdom is suffering. Does he care enough about a human kingdom to bother fixing the problems of Wendyl?

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