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Falcon's Kiss

Book 1 of the Princesses of Selmy Island Trilogy
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A Headstrong Human Princess
Princess Marya Sova has always been the born leader of her siblings, but when her father dies, her brother must take the crown. Marya knows she is better suited to the job, but as a woman, that is not an option. She will settle for serving as his advisor if it means helping her kingdom. But suddenly her brother is insisting she help secure them a political alliance by marrying into another kingdom. Is marriage really the only way a princess can help her kingdom?

A Dissatisfied Demi-Fae Prince Prince
Ferrand Faucon is lucky. As a demi-fae prince, he knows his father's fae life-span gives him plenty of time to enjoy life before he takes over as king. Content to spend his time sailing the continent on his ship, his only companions are his crew. When his father sends him to spy on the new King of Selmy Island, he finds himself drawn to the eldest princess. After seeing his father's broken heart when his human mother died, he has sworn to never fall for a short-lived human woman.

A Political Marriage Neither Wants A Passion Neither Can Deny
With Marya's uncle breathing down her neck to make an advantageous match, and Ferrand's insisting he convince the princess to choose him, it seems they will have no choice but to wed. Will the burning desire blossoming between them be enough to make their union successful, even after they learn about magical outside forces at play that neither of them could have expected?


Princess Marya Sova

Marya is the oldest of the Sova siblings. She is your typical oldest child- bossy, controlling, and a little bit type A. She loves her brother and sisters, and would do anything for them. She will do anything to save her kingdom as well. She hoped that meant assisting her brother Ivan in ruling, but it seems the only thing a woman is good for is marriage. She does not want to get married. But if that's what it takes to save her kingdom, she will do what needs to be done. Marya is Gifted by the Falcon-God Otreus with the Gift of extraordinary speed, and her favorite thing to do is to run.


Prince Ferrand Foucon

Ferrand is the Demi-Fae (well quarter-fae if we're being specific) prince of the Kingdom of Southshore. His grandfather was a wind Fae that fought in the great Fae War before the gates to the Fae Realm were sealed. His grandfather married the King of Southshore's human daughter, and with no male heirs, his family line took over. Ferrand has sworn never to fall in love with a human after watching his father turn into a bitter, lonely man at the death of his human wife. Ferrand has a younger half brother, and a human step-mother. And his favorite thing in the world, is sailing on his ship the, Falcon's Kiss.

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