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A steamy, fake romance, Rapunzel retelling

A Lost Heiress with a Magic Secret

Belleflower doesn't remember her parents. As far back as she can remember, it was just her and her grandmother, Baba Yaguelina. Living in a tower, Belleflower has hardly seen the outside world. Baba keeps her there to keep her safe, from what she doesn't know. What Baba doesn't know is that she has been sneaking out of her tower and using her earth magic to create a beautiful garden. How could she have known the garden was on the estate of the Earl of Arimia?

A Destitute Earl with a Tragic Past

Sebastijen Anum never wanted to be an earl. The King of Merithel granted him an earldom as compensation for his service in the border skirmishes with Azria—the same skirmishes that left him completely blind. Now he has to figure out what to do with the smallest earldom in the kingdom. There aren't even enough people in Arimia to tend the land. And what is he going to do about the young maiden who has started a garden on his property? He should tell her to leave him alone, but she doesn't shy away from his injuries, and having someone to talk to has been better than he could have imagined.

On Belleflower's eighteenth birthday, Baba shows up and tells her she is free to leave the tower at last. Baba wants her to go to the city of Olethin and take up her place as an heiress, the only problem is she doesn't know how to interact in high society and her magic gifts would be powerful during the looming war. Someone is sure to take advantage of her innocence and use her for her money or her abilities. She doesn't want to marry some stuffy aristocrat anyway. When she goes to say goodbye to her friend, Bast, he comes up with the perfect solution. They can pretend he has already won her favor and the rest of the men will leave her alone. 

Will they be able to convince Olethin's high society that they are in love? It shouldn't be too hard with the desire burning between them. Too bad they can't give in to it since they would never suit as a real match, or so they've convinced themselves.

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