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Mandi Richards

Fantasy Author

I am so glad you have found my website!

I am thrilled to announce my debut novel, Falcon's Kiss, book 1 in the Princesses of Selmy Island trilogy will be released this August!

Have fun poking around my site for all sorts of goodies. You will find:

  • my writing blog with updates about what I'm reading and writing and other things going on in my author world

  • my member's only area where you can read snippets of my work as well as get involved in Kenzium Academy, my audience driven episodic story about a human girl who suddenly finds herself with unexplainable magic powers and is forced to attend a school formerly only for the elite Fae of the world.

  • Information about all my upcoming works.

  • Links to my social media sights (I am most active on instagram and facebook, but I am learning twitter too)

  • Information about signing up for my newsletter.

  • recommendations of other amazing books I've read.


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